10 August 2013

the BoomTown Gazette

You're in Charge!

Finally, after two years of waiting, "You're in Charge will be releasing this fall! Written and directed by Tom Krueger and featuring Mary Kay Place, this film is set in my native home of Southern Louisiana. Besides being the inspiration for everything you see here, Making this film was an incredible experience. To work with such an assembly of wonderful, skilled, and creative people is a special treat.

Additionally, as a proud memner of the Cajun community, I've seen many films and other programs that either misunderstand, misrepresent, or even exploit the Cajun culture. Many of us roll our eyes at the mention of a "cajun" television show or film, because they almost always get it wrong... just plain wrong. I'm happy to say that Tom Krueger finally got us right.

You can head over to the website for all the details, and to stay informed.


Below are some behind-the-scenes photos of the "You're in Charge" production.